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                                                      Suzhou Industrial Park Gualichamp refrigeration equipment
                                                      manufacturing Co., Ltd.

                                                      Phone: 0512-62714302
                                                      Fax: 0512-62715597
                                                      Mobile phone: 13914093168/15851431088
                                                      Free service hotline: 400-6390-700
                                                      Opening address: 38 private industrial zones in Wei Ting Town,Suzhou
                                                      Ticket collection address: 25 towns of Putian private industrial zone
                                                      (Tong he road), Wei Ting Town, Suzhou.
                                                      Web site: http://www.qualichamp.com

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Address:tingzi road No.5th on the east zhengyi street in bacheng town in kunshan city Tel:0512-62714302