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Product Overview

  In modern industrial society and people's daily life, precise temperature control is to improve the quality of industrial products, to improve an important factor in people's living standard, energy saving and environmental protection is everyone's social responsibility, energy saving and environmental protection for the 21st century requirements, limited refrigeration crown Goods company to energy saving and environmental protection for the enterprise's core driving force for quality and innovation as business philosophy, the past few years crown goods R & D team focused on the cold (hot) Water series of development, product can be widely used in all walks of life.

  Commodities crown air-cooled heat pump with heat recovery series, can be all year round supply of cold water and hot water at the same time. One machine multipurpose smart devices to meet the hot and cold water at the same time for the place (hotel. Guesthouses. Hospital. Swimming. School. Sang Canal, etc.) can be saved every year vast fuel costs and management costs. Commodities CHILLER Series crown in industry applications, such as beer in plastic in plastic. Blister.CHILLER could shorten the boot cycle and accelerate the product amorphous, so that neither the Product nor shrinking deformation, but also improve surface finish products, and enhance Perspective rate.

  In the electroplating industry CHILLER help to stabilize metal ions to metal ions rapidly subsidiary parts in the plating, not only increased the speed and smoothness, and can reduce the plating frequency, improve the productivity of Products; CHILLER also contribute to the rapid recovery a variety of chemicals, reduce waste, save time, improve the efficiency of both energy saving and environmentally friendly.

  In the mechanical processing industry, the use of ball-type or air-type drilling machine, milling machine production, CHILLER precision cooling system can effectively control the spindle accuracy, extending its life. In addition, the series CHILLER also widely used in office buildings. Villa. Restaurant small and medium-sized construction, such as central air-conditioning series and Chemicals. Medical. Electronic. Food processing. Laser engraving industry.

  One type of chillers can be at room temperature 5 ~ 15 ℃ to provide chilled water, cold-type cold water unit would be able to provide -25 ~ 5 ℃ chilled water (glycol or CaCl2 aqueous solution); such as customer demand -35 ~ 25 ℃ water chiller, we will customers tailor-made working conditions at the scene.

  Model Description

  Product picture

      Water-cooled CHILLER Air-cooled CHILLER
    Laser industry CHILLER Screw CHILLER

  External water system piping diagram

Water System Piping Installation Notes

◆ Water system design should be as brief as possible, to avoid too many elbows, straight pipe as much as possible in the same plane;

◆ The attention of chilled water and cooling water inlet-outlet location in order to prevent connection errors;

◆ Water circulation system in all the highest point on the installation manual or automatic release valve;

◆ In chilled water, cooling water import / export thermometers and pressure gauges installed to facilitate the detection;

◆ In units of frozen water, cooling water import and export control on the road to install cut-off valve to facilitate maintenance;

◆ I inhaled the water pump installed before the water filter to prevent impurities entering the pump and heat exchanger;

◆ Unit chilled water, cooling water import and export control on the road to facilitate the installation of bypass valve when the water seasonal adjustment;

◆ Unit chilled water, cooling water pipe on the road to install the Import and Export of soft joints;

◆ Frozen water pipes Road checks after wrap insulation layer;

  Installation Notes

Units must be installed by a professional training and refrigeration equipment have practical experience and qualified professionals.

1、Acceptance out of the box: the user equipment arrived at the scene, according to double-check the packing list of all the number of items, specifications are complete, double-check whether the damaged equipment and accessories, if there is damage to notify the shipping business and a written claim for compensation. Acceptance in the equipment after the passage of arrival for any damage, crown Goods will not bear any responsibility.

2、Lifting the installation: It is recommended that the use of hoisting means for hoisting units to ensure that the cables or straps tied tight hole in the lifting unit, the lifting unit must protect the crew of the control cabinet and other components from damage; for 1 00Kg in weight above units, such as the scene does not have the condition can be hoisting roll pan law, with four steel pipe or channel sleepers on the scroll below translation, requirements to maintain a rolling process has the following three steel tube, which provides for the replacement of one, the translation method more suitable for the formation of ground and slope less than 1 5 ° place; if the unit is equipped with wheels can directly promote the translation unit.

3、Installed capacity of the environment: unit suitable for installation in indoor, if installed outdoors should be set up anti-Canopy, environmental relative humidity ≤ 90%, at the scene without corrosion damage to metals and insulating gas sites; units require the installation of ground level and have enough strength, the above requirements are not satisfied when the pre-cast concrete foundation, floor surface unit installed in the floor surface when the request has to bear the weight of unit run enough strength and stiffness. Units around the maintenance of sufficient space, the unit should be set aside before and after 1m space around both sides of the unit and 0.6m above the reserved space.

4、Water system requirements: the use of river water or groundwater in the water before entering the equipment must be filtered to remove sand and dirt in the water, water quality must meet the requirements of industrial water treatment or to conduct water quality, water quality treatment associated with reference to "industrial cooling water design specification" . Equipment into and out of the outlet valve must be installed to facilitate routine maintenance; cooling water intake must be installed with an automatic or manual water control valve in order to transform the season when water adjustment; import and export in the water system must be installed to meet the requirements of the flow switch or water pressure switch; pump intake must be installed on water filters, to avoid impurities entering the pump and the container unit; recommended that the installation of a thermometer and inlet-outlet pressure gauge, easy to carry out regular maintenance work; the above components to install, and other reference note "Water system schematic."

5、Electrical System Requirements: Power Distribution Unit capacity must comply with the requirements of nameplate voltage ranges as shown in voltage ≤ ± 10%, and phase voltage imbalance ≤ 2%; electrical control box around a well-ventilated, electric control box shall not place any foreign body, may not be water.

  Note the initial operation of generating units

Equipment before being put into use must be carefully read through the use of brochures and other random technological information. Unit day-to-day use, maintenance must be professionally trained and refrigeration equipment have practical experience and qualified professionals.

1、Water System: Check all water system piping connected correctly and the correct direction of flow, open all valves and start pumps, cooling towers; flushing water system pipes to ensure water system cleaned, inspected pipes junction tightness is good; removal system air, view of water system pressure gauge, thermometer, flow switches, water regulating valve components, such as normal work; running about 10 minutes to close up water pipe from the outfall system, water will be discharged, if the water is dirty can continue after emptying add fresh water again running about 10 minutes, emptying again and repeated the operation until the water system until clean; boot should be open 10 minutes ahead of chilled water pumps and cooling pumps, downtime should be delayed for 10 minutes to stop chilled water pumps and cooling pumps.

2、Electrical systems: verification of compliance with the installed capacity of power supply capacity requirements to meet the units start and run a full load, voltage fluctuations shown in the scope of nameplate voltage ≤ ± 10%, and phase voltage imbalance ≤ 2%; check all cables and protection devices The specifications are in line with the unit operational requirements, inspection units outside the chain of control components such as flow switches, etc. is correct installation, operation and whether it is normal.

3、Unit part: Check compressor oil level is normal, confirmed the opening of the compressor oil temperature heating have been 24 hours, open all the valves in the refrigeration system parts to check all the protection device is in the initial state, parameter set-point is correct.

4、Protection device: unit configured to protect a number of security devices to ensure the safe operation of unit, when a protection device, when this part of the functional action will stop, even if the unit will still be able to run the units are to be stopped to check the reason and to remove, so as not to cause more long-running for serious incidents.

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